Watching TV with Girlfriend | Embarrassing Bodies | Episode Unknown

Oh not again. I cannot watch this shit. Girlfriend says “Oh look at his peeny” which looks like a mistake at the sausage factory. I say “dont make me look at that!” And as I write they tell me I’m only an ad break away from an intimate interaction some guy’s problem anus. He is keeping it under his kilt. “Nothing in the nether regions we shy away from” they boast.

Do you know it’s free to see a doctor in the UK? So why do these people want their more gross than normal private parts on global television? Do they not have jobs or families? Okay so maybe the ninja-powered cosmetic surgery is expensive and they get it for free, says Girlfriend, but still this is like exhibitionism from some kind of martian hell. Girlfriend says “The poor things!” like it’s not gross but she’s sort of giggling at the same time. I remind her the first thing she said when the program started was “gross!”. Now the guy with the retracted penis is having surgery. “Don’t look.” she says but I compulsively do.

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