Watching TV with Girlfriend | Deep Blue Sea

So this should have been safe watching for guys where there’s nothing to cause you too much discomfort other than bodies being torn apart or drowned. But Girlfriend complains that I shouldn’t have started watching it without her. “I like the beginning.” she says. This means we go back and watch up to the part where the giant shark decides it’s not sedated now and bites Stellan Skarsgård’s arm off because it has figured out this will mean a helicopter will come and crash into the ocean lab and make it sink so the giant sharks will be set free after getting to eat everyone. So it bites his arm off. Girlfriend laughs saying “I like that bit!” and we replay the arm getting bitten off. Then we watch something else after that. So we didn’t finish the movie.

Giant shark likes kebab. Who knew?Giant shark likes kebab. Who knew?


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