Watching TV with Girlfriend | Sex and the City | The Vibrator Episode.

“My gott! What is she wearing?”

That’s not my girlfriend talking. That’s me! Carrie, or Sarah Jessica, seems to be having some recurring anxiety dream where she finds herself naked except for her Manolo Blahniks in an overpriced charity jumble sale. But being the ever-effervescent Carrie she assembles ensembles from the most unlikely ingredients and rocks her special interpretation of them super hard. She is no doubt a fearless woman to be reckoned with.


Certainly Carrie Bradshaw and her friends seem to us in the post-apoplectic landscape of third-wave feminism* like the Big Bang for women’s television and thanks to Carrie it may be many decades before men can dream of reclaiming the night as far as the remote control is concerned. Sex and the City is the Big Daddy of TV shows you sooner or later will be forced to watch with your girlfriend. It’s not a terrible show by any means as long as you have no problem with four women picking up and dropping men like Christmas puppies in between lunches, A-list parties and going to work if they’re in the mood. They sure make it look like you can make it in New York if you can make it anywhere. Carrie earns a living by writing personal stuff about her friends, talking out loud as she types. Does Samantha know Carrie is telling everyone about her adventures in a fire station and shopping for vibrators? And does she know newspapers in New York will publish this stuff about her? We can’t blame Carrie I guess. It seems you can get pretty rich doing this in the Big Apple. But someone should tell Samantha**. Or would that be the end of the show?

*My good neighbour, Professor Bill, helped me with that one. He lectures in Philosophy at a university. He’s a bit like Dr. Phil only he doesn’t help people. He says don’t worry if no one understands it and I said okay. It’s surprising how much people don’t argue if they don’t understand you. I asked him if there was another way to say ‘post-apoplectic’ but he just said “detente!”, so I didn’t argue. Was that something to do with gnashing your teeth? He said “sort of”.   **Girlfriend said Samantha wouldn’t mind but then she stopped what I was starting to type about her in that case.